The Versatile Pita – Perfect Match for Food Trucks, Street Food & Catering Parties


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The ‘stuff and serve’ style of pita bread offers an excellent partnership with not only dine-in restaurants but also food trucks, street food vendors, and catering venues. Also known as ‘pocket bread’ the pita can be filled with whatever protein, and/or vegetable (fresh or grilled) that is also being used in other dishes. 

Prepare the meat with your own flare, slice it thinly, add veggies, and top with your favorite sauce or a dollop of sour cream. Pita sandwiches are easy to prepare and better yet…ready to grab and go for the busy customer.

Get Creative – Explore Food Fusion

Restaurants with an ethnic theme can fuse their food with a Greek pita and come up with something that is delightful and delicious. For example, one restaurant offers Chicken Tikka Gyros. Using Indian-flavored chicken bites they top them with a fresh Greek salad, Feta cheese, and then stuff them in a warm pita pocket. What other ideas could you come up with in adding a Mexican, Italian or other cultural food to a pita? The added benefit is the cost-savings realized when you are using ingredients already on hand. Now you are thinking out of the box!

Pitas for Sweet Treats
Churro Pita Chips

Mexican churros, fried dough sticks sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, are a favorite treat for many.  But they take time to make.  However, pita churro chips are quick and satisfying for those who crave a sweet snack.  Click here for one example.

Another interesting, sweet offering is using a mini pita. Slice it in half, spread almond butter on one side, inside the pita, and a chocolate spread such as Nutella on the other. Add bananas or chopped nuts and grill for 4-5 minutes on each side.  Dust with confectioners sugar and serve warm. Now that we have started down this fun road, what else could you think of to fill a pita and serve as a snack?  Add fruit or make mini smores? The options are endless.

Mini Pitas are a Catering Staple

Mini pitas are a bite-size version of the typical 8”- 11” sizes. These are perfect for catering parties as they can be used for hors d’oeuvres, snacks, or mini sandwiches. Use them flat or stuff the pockets with either a sweet or savory selection.  Make them colorful!

How M.C. Bread Distributor Co. helps you save money and grow your business.

As inflation continues to rise so does the challenge to the food procurer in keeping the restaurant’s budget under control. Creative chefs who plan menus have found that being able to use an item in multiple ways saves money.  This is where the versatility of the pita lends itself perfectly to accomplishing that purpose. M.C. Bread facilitates your ‘menu magic’ by supplying you with a variety of fresh pitas and other bread products delivered to your door. 

Free samples of most of our bread products are available upon request.

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