Frequently Asked Questions

We have hundreds of different products. Besides the usual kaisers, hoagies, burger buns, sliced sandwich breads, dinner rolls, and ciabatta. We have specialty options as well. Feel free to reach out for a full product list.

The only days we do not deliver are Wednesday and Sunday.

Call our order hotline at 855-go-bread. Request an in person visit with samples by our sales representative or submit a request for a link to our onboarding form.

Send a TEXT MSG. To 855-go-bread 24/7. 

Or you can place an online order, direct into our system, by going to

By 11am for next day delivery. If you are busier later on than expected, ADD ONS are usually possible later that afternoon.

It depends on your location on our route. Delivery could require a key entry or bread locker, during stops on the early morning portion of our route. Or it’s possible you may be open when we come through your area and we can bring the Bread right inside to your kitchen.

Absolutely and very easily. We keep your items saved on your specific order guide. This can even be done yourself on your online order portal. You can also order your own free sample of a new item.

Currently we accept Credit cards and ACH bank drafts that can be set up on AUTOPAY. Weekly payments are required. 

We will possibly accept checks, on a case by case basis. 

Invoices are left with each delivery that ALSO show the total balance owed. Every Monday statements are emailed. Autopay charges are then completed. Receipts for the charges are also emailed for easy verification the correct charge was made.

Coffee, Tea, and pastry service!

We trust our customers and every order is guaranteed. So we do not require proof of missing product or bad quality. Just call or text and immediate CREDIT will be given. If a product doesn’t come out as you’re accustomed to, again, we will issue a credit that you can easily track on your next invoice.

Place your order today, get it tomorrow. That’s how we do business.

Apply or contact us today to see if we’re a good fit!
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