Assisted Living Facilities Serve up Chef-inspired Dining


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A common thread found among prospective assisted living residents is that preparing meals has become a chore they choose to avoid.  For them, meals have become boring and are too much trouble to prepare.  Trying to come up with various meals throughout the week is tedious.  Even going to the grocery store at this point in life has become difficult.  As a result, many rely on packaged meals, and their nutrition suffers.  Their families notice this as well, and it is a matter of concern.  So when choosing an assisted living facility, there is a greater focus on those that provide chef-inspired meals.

As wealthy Americans age, they want to maintain the lifestyle they have become accustomed to. Hence the allure of a luxury assisted living option. Part of what sets these apart are the location, amenities, and restaurant-style dining. Much to the relief and pleasure of the residents, chefs for top-shelf assisted living facilities take on the privilege and responsibility of providing seasonal menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The meals they prepare are fresh, never frozen or pre-cooked.

In a quest to meet patrons’ increased appetite for fresh and delightful meals, chefs are pressured to find great bakery products while staying within budget restrictions. 

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Well, chefs, M.C. BREAD DISTRIBUTOR CO answers your prayers. With over 400 products and a range of price points, and flexible delivery options, M.C. BREAD DISTRIBUTOR CO. will help you find the perfect balance of quality fresh products within your budget. 

Our goal at M.C.?  Making your job both easier and more rewarding as patrons express appreciation for the dining options you offer. 

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