Refine Your Restaurant Business Model to Increase Revenue


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The culinary scene has changed over the last few years, and hotels with on-site restaurants have had to rethink their business model.  With more stand-alone restaurants on nearly every street corner, the on-site restaurant can no longer count on guests to eat there. It may be time to rethink the restaurant business model allowing it to contribute more as a profit center for the hotel. We want to share with you some excellent suggestions to assist in doing that. (Key quotes will be pulled out, but we suggest you click the titles and read the full articles. Excellent reads.)

Why Hotel Restaurants Need to Start Thinking Like Independents

By Chris Rumpf

“An in-house restaurant that isn’t beholden to a parent company’s set menu can offer guests local dishes and locally crafted beers, spirits, or wines. Sampling local fare can elevate the dining experience into a form of entertainment that is likely to encourage more spending. The staff is more likely to be familiar with, and enthusiastic about, local products and spark conversations that include attractions around the hotel and city.


4 Ways To Turn Your Hotel’s Restaurant Into a Culinary Destination

By Avero Champion

“The last several years have seen a complete overhaul of this stereotype (classic 3-meal svc: breakfast, quick lunch, and a nice dinner) in cities throughout the country. Suddenly, guests aren’t the only diners; locals flock to these spaces with the same fervor as to any famous standalone location. These institutions have gone from hotel restaurants to restaurants inside hotels: hotspots with name-brand recognition but that stand firmly apart from the building within which they reside.”

Source Your Food Locally

The article above also related the experience of an executive chef and director of food at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco, “… switching from huge portions and assembly-line style food to smaller, more artful plates filled with hearty grains and local vegetables cut his food costs by over 6%.” Sourcing food locally makes financial sense. The Florida Dept of Agriculture makes it easy by offering a link to a listing of local produce and their seasonal harvest times. By using this, Chefs can develop menus that incorporate produce at a time when their flavors and nutritional values are at their prime.

Revenue streams for both hotel & restaurant

Hotels and their restaurants are perfect locations for business lunches, parties, and receptions. Hosting in-person conferences and workshops allows companies to bring both their in-house staff and remote workers together to collaborate better, invite creativity and build morale which feeds a better team spirit. These venues can maximize the visibility and profitability of both hotel and restaurant. By highlighting that they source their food & beverages locally, they invite patrons to enjoy Florida to the full extent. This is done with the goal of having them return with friends and families. Let M.C. Bread Distributor Co. help you ‘wow’ them with the freshest baked-to-order bread to match the amazing meals you provide.  

M.C. Bread supports your growth

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We are the #1 wholesale bread and baked goods distributor for the hospitality and restaurant industry in Florida.  We provide over 400 different bread products, from sandwich loaves and Brioche buns to specialty breads and pastries. Many of our pastries can be ordered individually wrapped for grab-and-go continental breakfast offerings or catered venues.  Our ordering process is simple, fast, and quickly changeable. The bread products we offer are fresh from local bakeries. Because we are also local, we can respond quickly and reliably. 

It’s a partnership with you that we value.  Free samples of most of our products are available upon request.

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