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Everyone needs a ‘tropical island getaway’ from time to time…

Alligator Reef Club, a new restaurant with a distinctive island flavor, opened recently in Melbourne. Owners Debra Malone, her son Ryan, and David Hall are all former residents of Islamorada, a village that encompasses 6 of the Florida Keys. Coming together to develop a restaurant in Melbourne, they wanted to infuse it with the ‘island vibe’ they loved so much. General Manager, Kaitlyn Malone, explains, “Our goal was to give homage to the Keys, having spent a large portion of our lives there. We found this place, which ended up being the perfect spot in Downtown Melbourne and made the dream come true.”

The location is on the western fringe of historic Downtown Melbourne, which describes itself as “…a little hip, a little quaint, a little eccentric — and 100% unforgettable.”  Alligator Reef Club would fit right in. The building they selected to transform into a tropical oasis is also historic, being a 100-year-old small quaint house near the Heneger Center for the Arts. 

Alligator Reef Club

Kaitlyn explains their vision, “Our restaurant needed to have that charming ‘little cottage’ feel that is common in the Keys, with the colors of the Keys and the inspiration of the water.”  Another important part of the restaurant layout was having outdoor seating as well as indoors. Dining outdoors in a tropical setting makes the food taste even better.

When you visit, you see immediately that they accomplished what they set out to do. The building is an appealing aqua blue with white trim.  In front is an inviting patio lined with potted palms in royal blue ceramic pots and small patio tables with colorful umbrellas spaced comfortably apart. The evening hours bring romantic starlight to the atmosphere, with strings of lights intertwining the patio and trees. The finishing touch to your island rendezvous is live South Beach style music. This is so much needed after a long workday or, better yet, after shopping in Downtown Melbourne!

How did the name Alligator Reef Club come about?

“We are named after the Alligator Reef Lighthouse located off the coast in Islamorada. Our family spent a lot of time around this monumental lighthouse, which represents a good part of our culture and lifestyle,” said Kaitlyn. The lighthouse has a fascinating history which you can read about by clicking the link above. They brought those wonderful memories with them.

Brunch and dinner both include live music provided by different DJs who serve up a musical menu that goes with the island theme. You can almost feel the waves of music taking you out to the beach. All this is designed to infuse Alligator Reef patrons with a ‘Key West’ state of mind. From appetizers, salads, and sandwiches to entrees, their dishes are unique and flavorful. Their Grilled Watermelon Salad, for instance, combines marinated grilled watermelon, key lime-infused vanilla Greek yogurt, dressed arugula, parmesan flakes, bee pollen, and balsamic glaze. What a way to start a meal! 

Arc Menu
Menu Favorites – Burgers on Fresh Baked Brioche Buns

“Burgers are always a favorite,” states Kaitlyn, “I mean, who doesn’t like a burger with a fresh baked Brioche bun?” Two of their menu favorites are the ‘Reef Burger’ and the ‘Key West Sunrise Burger.’ This is not your basic burger but uses a choice blend of beef short rib, rib brisket (cooked to order), and then richly layered with other fresh ingredients that provide an eye-brow-raising moment from the first bite to the last. 

Beverage anyone?

Alligator Reef Club has a full-service bar with Happy Hour every Tues-Friday from 4-6 & 9-11 pm. They invite you to try their Matecumbe Mai Tai, Papa Pilar Blonde Rum, fresh lime juice, fresh orange juice, Monin orgeat syrup, and Papa Pilar Dark Rum garnished with a mint sprig. Also available among the beverage offerings, you will find locally roasted Apocalypse Coffee, latte, cappuccino, or your choice of an after-dinner liqueur. 

Good first impressions are part of the formula for success

First impressions are lasting. When a new restaurant opens its doors, the response can set the tone for the success of the business. Alligator Reef Club used Facebook as one way to make the Melbourne community aware of their new restaurant and their intent to bring the Florida Keys into their décor and menus.

Even before they opened, people had commented on their desire to patronize the restaurant. “This was one of the most memorable moments, seeing the appeal that it generated in the Melbourne community,” noted Kaitlyn. 

M.C. Bread supports new businesses

Commenting on their relationship with M.C. Bread, General Manager Kaitlyn Malone is quick to respond, “It’s been incredible! M.C. Bread is always on top of everything with our orders. They are always reaching out to me to see if I need anything, which is really helpful for a new business owner. There are a lot of different vendors that we are dealing with, so for someone to always take the time to check in every day is incredible. We also appreciate the fresh baked quality of the bread we get from them.  You can’t beat it, and we have had a lot of fun creating different & unique dishes with it.  Really, we use M.C. Bread for pretty much every bread item we have.”

We are proud to be able to contribute to the success and good first impression of Alligator Reef Club. We also offer the opportunity to other current M.C. Bread Co. clients to have their restaurant spotlighted on our website and Facebook page.  Just contact us through our office at 855- GO-BREAD/ 855-462-7323. For more information about M.C. Bread go to

We invite you to give us a try. Free samples are available upon request for most of our products. 

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