Chefs and Kitchen Managers: Make a Great First Impression


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Server With Bread Basket

The presentation of a basket of aromatic, fresh bread at your dining establishment is usually the first impression a guest or customer may have. Head Chef for the Le Bristol Paris hotel, Eric Frechon, described it well, “…it is the opening line, the handshake, the first note, and sets the tone for all that follows, whets the appetite and sets the tone for what they can expect to come next.”

Opening your customer’s dining experience with an inviting basket of warm, fresh bread can bump up a 4.5-star review to a 5. In the hotel & hospitality industry, these star ratings allow customers to make judgments about both the quality and the level of service they can expect. Additionally, high ratings can elevate your restaurant above the competition.

Best Restaurants offer Eclectic Breadbasket Selection

Some of the best restaurants offer an eclectic breadbasket as their ‘opening line.’ It sets the stage for the rest of the performance, the entrée, by establishing a sensory memory of sight, smell, and taste they won’t easily forget. Consider changing up your bread service in the same manner that you would your menu. Change is good. Given that more new restaurants are continuing to open, it’s essential to keep your menu, including your bread offerings, fresh and innovative in a way that can set you apart from the competition.

Variety Bread Basket

Jessica Bograd, director of culinary R & D at CSSI Marketing + Culinary, notes, “Operators are taking a closer look at their bread offerings. Bread provides a connecting puzzle piece in building a unique, shareable appetizer experience. It’s a low-risk, high-reward menu item that can be used to drive check averages while showcasing innovation in flavor and application.”

Whatever path you take to keep your menu fresh and draw in more business, M.C. Bread Distributor Co. can facilitate it because of our partnership with multiple local bakeries. A full selection of dinner rolls, table breads, boules, lavash, and flatbreads in a wide variety of flavor combinations, shapes, and sizes are available.  Daily bake-to-order solves so many issues for our customers, as changing up the selection is just a few simple clicks.  Additionally, there is no case count nor freezer space to deal with – fresh delivery is the way to win!

From times past to the present, it has been said that when you welcome people into your home or establishment, it is to “break bread.”  Freshly baked bread tells your guests that they are welcome. We would like to help you do it with style.  So don’t hesitate to call us today! Free samples of most of our products are available upon request.

We are here to help you make a great first impression.

M.C. Bread Distributor Co. – That’s how we roll!
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