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Putting ‘wheels’ on their dream

Having a mobile kitchen has been the dream of Janine Jones and her husband, Doug Cammarata, for the last five years. It was to be their retirement business, working side by side doing something they both enjoyed.

The couple had a remodeling business in recent years but were ready to try something different. Since Janine previously had almost 23 years in the food service industry, the concept of having a mobile kitchen made perfect sense. Doug was fully supportive.  In 2021 they began to make plans to put ‘wheels’ to the dream by going to Jacksonville, Fl. to have their new mobile kitchen designed. By January 2022, the double axel trailer, complete with a shiny new kitchen, was done. They were now ready to move into the next phase of getting the business rolling…or so they thought.

Tragically in February, just a month later, Doug was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. With hardly any time to wrap their minds around this, Doug passed away that May. The ‘dream’ came to a screeching halt.  Janine looks back, “I had been sitting on it (the new business) for the last 8 months, trying to recover and trying to get out of a crippling depressive state. I had lost my partner.” It took her time to get her second wind, but with the support and encouragement of family and a good friend, Saxon Bailey, the wheels of the dream began to roll again. Janine was able to pull herself together, roll up her sleeves, and dust off the dream. Saxon stepped in and, as Janine puts it, “…helped teach me how to do everything. He taught me how to pull my trailer, hook it up, and unhook it.  I know my trailer inside and out because of him.” 

Bringing the Melting Moon to life
Meltingmoon Foodtruck

The new mobile kitchen had sat unused for months after Doug’s passing. Now it needed to be customized in a way that promoted and attracted business.

At this juncture, Janine called on a good friend, Cory Davis, to help design the wrap for the trailer exterior. Janine has always loved the mystical side of life. Janine relates, “I just told him the name I wanted, he asked a couple questions, and then took it from there.”  Janine & Doug’s mobile kitchen was coming to life.

Now the Main Attraction…The Food!

Mm Grilledcheese

Janine has gone ‘outside the box’ to develop a unique menu that is built around the classic grilled cheese sandwich. She notes, “Everyone likes grilled cheese. They remember it from their childhood; it’s a comfort food. I don’t think many people can resist a good grilled cheese.”  Her smoked brisket grilled cheese with horseradish aioli and horseradish cheese is the most popular item on their menu. It is especially a mainstay at any area events or corporate outings. Other favorites are the ‘Breakfast’ grilled cheese with egg, fontina cheese, avocado, tomato, and bacon. Their ‘Cuban’ grilled cheese adds spiced pork, Swiss cheese, and pickles.  Their ‘Hawaiian’ grilled cheese with ham and pineapple is also a favorite.  

In March, she set up at the 2023 Meg O’Malley’s St. Patrick’s Day Festival in Downtown Melbourne. Stacks of bread trays stood ready to use behind the trailer that day. Business was great, and Janine was very appreciative that M.C. Bread made the special delivery the morning of the event. 

She currently has two locations where she serves her grilled cheese wonders. Check her Facebook page for those locations, days, and times and look for that amazing trailer!

Would you recommend M.C. Bread to other food service providers?

“I absolutely recommend M.C. Bread to others. I love their bread, especially the Chicago Italian White, 1” cut.” Referring to a bread locker service that is provided, she states, “My order is usually there (at the M.C. Bread Warehouse) as early as 3 a.m. I literally live 10 minutes down the road from it. So when I get up at 8 am to get to Satellite Beach at 9, I can stop and pick up my order. There are no issues. If I need a large order, as I did for the St. Patrick’s Festival, they can handle it. 

Bread lockers are provided for mobile food operations and restaurants

Janine mentioned being able to ‘pick up’ her order on her way to where she will set up that day. She is referring to a personal bread locker that is provided at no charge to her by M.C. Bread for the purpose of holding orders at our warehouse for pickup. The warehouse is located at 3400 N. Cocoa Blvd, and the lockers are accessible 24/7. M.C. Bread provides these bread lockers also to restaurants placed out back by a kitchen entry/exit door for easy access. Flexible options for pick up or delivery is included in many cases. 

Mobile food operations are invited to try our fresh bread products

Businesses build their reputations on the quality of the products and services they sell. When customers bite into a sandwich or pastry provided by M.C. Bread, they immediately recognize that this business doesn’t cut corners. Our products are fresh, baked-to-order. 

Our ordering process is simple, fast, and quickly changeable. We offer free samples of most of our products. Just connect with us via phone (1-888-GO BREAD) or on the web at Allow us the opportunity to show you how well we partner with our customers.

M.C. Bread Distributor Co. – That’s how we roll!
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