A Profitable Twist on the Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwich


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Grilled Cheese And Soup

Grilled cheese sandwiches have always been a staple in most homes as well as on children’s menus in restaurants. Many of us have never outgrown our love of a good grilled cheese sandwich. Interestingly there has been a growing trend to give the basic grilled cheese a stylized makeover. In the process of doing this, some restaurants have added a new item to their revenue stream, while others have even developed successful businesses around this delicious childhood memory.

Some of M.C. Bread Distributor’s customers have done this.  Let’s introduce two of them.

Melting Moon Mobile Kitchen

Janine Jones, the owner of the Melting Moon, a mobile kitchen in Brevard County, has created her own niche in the street food industry. Barbeque & brisket traditionally top the list with food trucks and mobile kitchens. Janine, though has gone ‘outside the box’ to develop a unique menu that is built around the classic grilled cheese sandwich.  She notes, “Everyone likes grilled cheese. They remember it from their childhood; it’s a comfort food. I don’t think many people can resist a good grilled cheese.” Smoked brisket grilled cheese with horseradish aioli and horseradish cheese is the most popular item on their menu.  According to Janine, “That one will always be on the menu!”  Other favorites are the ‘Breakfast’ grilled cheese with egg, fontina cheese, avocado, tomato, and bacon. The ‘Hawaiian’ combines swiss cheese with ham and pineapple. Their ‘Cuban’ grilled cheese adds spiced pork, swiss cheese, and pickles.  And there are several more. The bread they use is  M.C. Breads Chicago Italian White Bread, 1” cut. Check out their Facebook page for their locations and specials. Melting Moon takes grilled cheese to the street.

The Grilled Cheese Gallery

Another customer of M.C. Bread, which has turned this nostalgic childhood treat into a unique new business, is The Grilled Cheese Gallery.  Jeffrey Thompson, the owner of a fine dining restaurant in West Palm Beach, had been giving thought to creating a  small business that would have an easily sustainable price point.  After some thought, he came up with the concept of a ‘fine-dining’ take on the classic grilled cheese sandwich.  Working with various types of gourmet cheeses,  Jeffrey developed multiple grilled cheese dishes he calls “magical comfort food.”  The response was overwhelming. “It exploded,” Jeffrey says. They now have multiple locations in Florida and Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  A seventh location in Coral Gables is in process of opening as well.

Gooey Grilled Cheese And Fries

The Grilled Cheese Gallery features a wide range of imaginative grilled cheese selections. Their unique names add another level of magical ambiance. The Queen Brie blends smooth, creamy French Brie cheese, with grilled pork belly, raspberry puree, and balsamic, on sourdough bread.  The GQ is a classy combination of melted goat cheese with a truffle glaze, prosciutto, spinach, and tomato on black pumpernickel bread. A Night in Amsterdam features Gouda, Gruyere, swiss, and cheddar cheese on artisan white bread. Another interesting creation is The Artist, which layers swiss cheese with mushrooms, onion, kale, truffle oil, and balsamic, all served on rye bread.  There are many more options, and we encourage you to check out their Facebook page.

Whatever your specialty, M.C. Bread partners with you to make it great.

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