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Storefront Soft Edges

Kicking off our new series of customer/community-focused interviews, it is our pleasure to introduce a well-known restaurant in the Satellite Beach community. For over nine years, M.C. Bread Distributor Co. has daily supplied Beachside Bagel World with freshly baked bagels, subs, hoagies, and other sandwich breads. They, in turn, have transformed these into crowd-pleasing specialties. Websites such as Yelp, Travel Advisor, and Google give Beachside Bagel reviews that consistently range from 4.5 to 4.8 stars. Many of these include comments about how their staff treats their customers as friends. So let’s get to know them a little better.

Meet John Briody, owner since 2016

In 2016, after retiring from corporate America, John Briody was looking for something to do that would allow him to have his own business and the freedom to decide how it operated. A friend, who was the owner of Beachside Bagel World in Satellite Beach, was ready to retire and so approached John about selling the business to him. He offered to mentor John, which would facilitate a smooth transition. This opportunity was the perfect fit for John’s strong work ethic and naturally gregarious personality.

In the fall of that same year, Hurricane Matthew, listed as a Cat 5 storm, plowed along the east coast of Florida. About 60% of those who lived in the Satellite Beach community evacuated. The other 40% chose to remain, and John Briody was one of them. “People count on us,” John told Matt Reed of FLORIDA TODAY. “I knew a lot of people weren’t leaving, and I could be open for the police and firefighters.” John believes he made the right call. “As soon as the winds died down, I flipped the ‘open’ sign. I didn’t even know if I still had a home. But I figured I could bring some normalcy amid the chaos.”

Years later, Beachside Bagel World continues to open as soon as hurricanes pass. John explains, “We happen to be on the same electric grid as the fire station, and because they are first responders, they are first to get power back, and therefore so do we. By being open, we make sure that they and members of the community who are without electricity can stop by our place and get a hot meal, a cup of coffee, and charge their cell phones.” 

Serving the Community as well as their Customers

John takes seriously the role his business has in the Satellite Beach community. On a regular basis he finds ways to support community events and worthy causes, such as Teacher Appreciation Week and others. 

In 2022 he demonstrated heartfelt empathy for those going through difficult times due to COVID and inflation. Noting that people were struggling, John placed a sign out front giving notice that they were lowering the cost of their Breakfast Special and why. It was an act of true compassion.

What is this ‘Breakfast Special’?
Breakfast Special

It’s the Eggle Bagel, a freshly baked bagel filled with egg, cheese, the meat of your choice (bacon, ham, sausage), and hot coffee or iced tea (free refills), all for $5.00.

One customer pointed to their own personal favorite with this review, “Best Lox and bagels this side of NYC. We like to get their lox and bagels to go and sit on the beach with that and a morning coffee. It’s part of what living here makes it so magical. Thank you, Beachside Bagel, for being part of starting our day off right.” Satellite Beach has 17 beach crossovers, including 3 Beach parks with parking, restrooms, showers, and covered picnic tables. You can enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch with an authentic coastal ambiance.

Many positive comments also have been made about the cream cheese flavor options they make in-house. Their ‘Honey Vanilla Cream Cheese’ flavor gets many honorable mentions in reviews. Can you visualize this flavor on a toasted cinnamon or blueberry bagel?

Other popular specialties

Most in the community will say their sub sandwiches are amazing.  Great attention is given to providing fresh, made-to-order subs each day.  According to John, every evening they go shopping for fresh ingredients for the subs.  They know that they can count on the fact that in the morning, M.C. Bread will have already delivered their freshly baked sub rolls.

John chuckles when he says, “Our subs really are impressive! One of them has almost 2 lbs. of meat which can make two meals for some!”

Another favorite is their Pastrami Reuben sandwich on our thick sliced Marbled Rye bread. It is almost too pretty to eat. Almost!

The Path to Success runs through Our Local Communities

M.C. Bread Distributor Co. has found that success comes from supporting our local communities. The result is that powerful partnerships are formed, such as what we have with John Briody and Beachside Bagel World. This gives us both the inspiration and motivation to keep doing what we do.

John wholeheartedly agrees, “M.C. Bread has been the cornerstone of my business since I’ve owned it. Working with Barak (M.C. Bread Co. owner) and his team has been a priceless relationship that I value very much.  The product is incredible, always fresh, always high quality, and always consistent.  They have never missed a delivery, not once, and have always gone above and beyond to meet my expectations, and needs.  I couldn’t imagine doing what I do without them.”

Thank you for your endorsement, John!  Like you, M.C. Bread views our customers as our friends as well.

That’s a wrap for our first Customer Appreciation Spotlight. If you are a current M.C. Bread Distributor client who would like to be spotlighted, please contact us today!

M.C. Bread Distributor Co. – That’s how we roll!
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